Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lady Bug Says ... Who Wears Short Shorts!?

Evening lovelies.

Now, possibly stating the obvious but these photos were taken last week, when the sun was shining and it was safe to get my legs out without them being covered in goosebumps and rain! It was also last week when I purchased these shorts from the sale in Tesco, convincing myself that I did indeed need a pair of floral print shorts to add to my collection! Whilst we are on the subject of new things, this jumper also happens to be a new addition to my wardrobe, courtesy of the Next sale. I didn't think I had really 'done' the sales but apparently I have!

The floral shorts were the last pair in my size, so of course I grabbed them! Their £4 price tag was also pretty much all the justification I needed to make them mine! Strangely though there were loads of these grey marl jumpers with metallic detailing hanging on the racks in the Next sale, why nobody was buying them I don't know, they are gorgeous!

Grey flatform shoes, H&M £20
Floral print shorts, F&F at Tesco £4
Grey jumper, Next £12

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@Ladybugsays) you may seen me mention purchasing this necklace whilst away on holiday. It was from a little jewellery shop in my favourite town, and despite the security at the airport being slightly wary of the metal spiky thing in my luggage, it is a firm favourite of mine! It is so damn heavy too!

Necklace, £20

Outfit total £56


  1. Love these shorts! And 4?! Bargain! If I had legs as nice as yours I'd definitely be grabbing a pair


  2. Girl, your legs look phenomenal! You are so spurring me on to start the couch to 5k malarkey!

  3. so pretty, love it <3


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